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The Fun and Honor Society of the Marine Corps League


(Excerpts from the Marine Corps League 26th Convention Journal (1949))


The Military Order of the Devil Dogs was formed just ten years ago, right here in the Copley Plaza Hotel, Boston, during the on National Convention of the Marine Corps League. The Order is a secret fraternal society within the League, to provide relaxation to those hard-working Leaguers who have been selected for membership by the Devil Dogs. Membership is by invitation only through the sponsorship of a full-fledged Devil Dog. A Marine Corps Leaguer must have been an active member of the League for at least two years before he can take his initiation at a National Convention only. Before this he can become a Mongrel in a local Pound and then a Pup at the State Pack Convention. In addition to the hilarious fun of Devil Dog affairs, the Order also engages in rendering service to the League and promoting Marine Welfare Programs.


The name "Devil Dogs" was applied to the Marines by the Germans during the first World War, because of their ferocious fighting at Belleau Wood and Chateau Thierry, where the gallant Fifth and Sixth Regiments were spearheads of the Allied counter-attack that smashed the German drive on Paris and from which Jerry never recovered. That's why he cursed the Marines as "Teu-fel-Hunden."


Just twelve years ago, Chief Devil Dog Joe Probst returned to France with the Foreign Pilgrimage and attended the dedication services for the new memorial erected on Hill 204 at Chateau Thierry, October -7, 1937. Many Allied Generals, headed by "Black Jack" Pershing were there. Army General Harbord, of the Second Division, in dedicating the monument said, "It is idle now to corjecture what might have happened if the enemy had not been stopped at the Marne. Certainly there would have been no St. Mihiel and no Meuse-Argonne . Here, within sight of this memorial, the Fourth Brigade of the Second Division, made up of two Marine Regiments, took part in one of the most agonizing struggles of the War and in 25 days of the intense fighting, captured the village of Bou reaches, pushed back the Germans and cleared them from the Bois de Belleau . . . This memorial testifies our faith that we, to whom they passed their torch, can uphold and will maintain the principles for which these men died. Time will not dim the glory of their deeds."


And so we glory in the title of "Devil Dog," won for us by our comrades of the immortal Fourth Brigade, carrying on the fierce tradition of "sprit de Corps" which characterizes Marines from the Shores of Tripoli to the thrilling flag-raising on the hot rock of Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima. And we revel in the devil-may-care spirit of intrepid Sgt. Dan Daly, CMH, who' goaded his Leathernecks forward with his classical yell, "Come on, you so and sos, do you want to live
forever?". Be tolerant of our antics . . they are merely outward manifestations of our exhuberant spirits in again meeting with our former comrades-in-arms . . . the happy relief of coming back alive, and our ageless boyishness in enjoying a bit of harmless horse-play to relieve the tensions of our serious business sessions, in which we strive to formulate ways and means to alleviate the unpleasant lot of some of our buddies, and their families, less fortunate than we. And THAI' is the meaning of our slogan — "SEMPER FIDELIS", Always Faithful!


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