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Exhaulted and Esteemed Officers
Kaskey-Hayes Pound 283
New York Pack

Office Name (Email Link)
Pound Keeper Bill McGowan, PDD
Sr. Vice Pound Keeper Dick Mayhew, PDD
Jr. Vice Pound Keeper Ed Lapointe, DD
Dog Robber Earl Nestved, DD
Smart Dog Jim Ransom, PDD
Dog Trainer A.J. Kalil, Pup
Mad Dog Bob Bradley, DD
Police Dog Nels Youngstrom, Pup
Watch Dog Art Mucitelli, Pup
Barking Dog Paul Marcellus, DD
Pooper Scooper Frank Trevor, Pup
Jr. Past Pound Keeper Jim Ransom, PDD

Worthy Pack Leader, Department of New York
Honorable Jim Ransom
LZ Old Corps 999 Det., Camden, NY