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The Kaskey-Hayes, Pound 283 of the Military Order of the Devil Dogs is composed of Marine Corps League Members from the following extraordinary detachments!



Edward L. Smith, Jr. Detachment 245
Commandant Ray "GQ" Arcuri
307 Adams Street
Rome, NY 13440



Emerald City Detachment 877
Commandant A. J. Kalil
100 Southfield Drive
Fayettville, NY 13066



Herkimer County Detachment 227
Commandant Dick Mayhew
178 2nd Street
Ilion, NY 13357

LZ Old Corps Detachment 999
Commandant Tom Phelps
P.O.Box 296
Camden, NY 13316-0296



Tun Tavern Leathernecks Detachment 961
Commandant "Doc" Walters
P.O. Box 315
Boonville, NY 13306



" Every Dog Has His day!"




kaskey hayes