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Detachment Officers 2014-15

Commandant Dan Berkhoudt Dan Berkhoudt
Sr. Vice Commandant Matt Terry matt terry
Jr. Vice Commandant

LCpl of Marines
Mike Dam

LCpl Cheveron`
Adjutant/Paymaster Tom Arcuri Tom Arcuri
Judge Advocate Bob Russell Bob russell
Chaplain/Adjutant Bruce Evans Bruce Evans
Sergeant at Arms (acting) Mike Mills Mike Mills
Jr. Past Commandant Ray Arcuri Ray
Quartermaster Kevin Underwood Underwood





Department of NY Commandant & Chair MCL National Admin Review Board, and member of the National Newsletter Committee

William McGowan Bill McGowan
Department of New York Chief of Staff Tom Arcuri Tom Arcuri

MODD Kennel Aide-de-camp
to the Kennel Chief Devil Dog

Harry Hibbard Harry
Assistant Department Quarter Kevin Underwood Underwood
Deputy Area Vice North Central Daniel Berkhoudt Dan Berkhoudt
Deputy Area Vice North Central Matt Terry matt terry
Department Envoy for OEF/OIF Affairs Mike Dam LCpl Cheveron

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